He will be missed…..

I have always been fortunate enough to travel the country. Some of my fondest memories came from my summers spent in New Jersey visiting my family. They lived right on the ocean, just south of Sandy Hook. My uncle was a sailor. He had a small boat that we would take out to sea. We would visit the Statue of Liberty and swim with the sharks. (Well, I always visualized sharks, lots of them, surrounding the boat. Ok, I never swam in the ocean….). Well of course with time, life happens and my sea fairing family sold the boat and moved to Las Vegas.

As life happened there, my uncle…. my favorite uncle, who even at the age of 27 gave me butterflies of excitement in my tummy when I was going to see him, passed away. This was a huge blow to the family. He was a great man, and will always be remembered and heart-breakingly missed.

After some time, my entire small but mighty family, headed back east to celebrate the man who brought much love, laughter and joy to our family. His ashes rest on the finish line at Mamouth Park Race Track. We celebrated his life the way he would have wanted us to, at the track, then off to Bahr’s…. the best sea food restaurant in all of New Jersey.

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